Words matter… but do newspapers matter?

TheGazette Words MatterA quote from Mike Simonton: In 2009 and 2010, all the two-newspaper markets will become one-newspaper markets, and you will start to see one-newspaper markets become no-newspaper markets.

If our several-newspaper Montreal market would become a lesser-newspaper market…who would be left standing? The popular Journal de Montreal? The up-scale La Presse? Or the intellectually challenging Le Devoir? And what about Journal Métro?

But wait a minute, what if part of the problem was that Montreal has too many newspapers…??

Is it realistic to think that one city can uphold four papers and survive the challenges that the paper industry is crossing?

If not, who will lose the battle? Who will give-in and focus efforts elsewhere?

What’s your opinion? Would you care if one-or-more newspapers disappeared in Montreal?

(You can reply in French, obviously)